All Drivers must respect and stick to the followingen rules








General Rules


It is import that all members show respect to each other, on track and on the website/forums

Swear words , aggresive, racist or any other discriminatory language towords another member is stricktly

prohibited an may result in a temporary or permanent site ban.


1.1 All menbers must try to speak and write in English.

1.2 Posting spam or other content is stricktly prohibited.

1.3 Posting information about other race league’s is not allowed unless you have the permission of the host.

1.4 Race settings :

  • Short qualify
  • 50% or 100 % open for discussion.
  • No assist
  • Weather ; Dynamic
  • Rules and Flags: Strickt
  • Lobby open at 19:45 hours
  • Qualify start at 20:00 hours
  • Race starts at 20:30 hours


1.5 Point tabel : 

1 place  12 points
2 place  10 points
3 place  8 points
4 place  6 points
5 place  4 points
6 place  3 points
7 place  2 points
8 place 1 points


1.5 Only the host is permitted to start the race, everybody waits for him to start the race.





2.1 - We advise all the racers to either record the full race or capture an incident that happens during the race period. So if you recieve any non-deserving penalties or penalties that you think should be given out, Can be looked into.

2.2 If a driver leaves the track, they must return safely without impeding other drivers on track

2.3 When side by side, drivers must leave each other one cars space and should not push each other outside of the white lines.

2.4 When defending, a driver can only make one defensive manoeuvre. Weaving is not an acceptable defensive. A defensive manoeuvre must be made before reaching the braking zone, and it should not be late or overly aggressive.

2.5 If a driver causes a collision, they must slow down and allow that driver to catch up. If the collision was due to an unsuccessful overtake, you must allow the driver to re pass.

2.6  Contacts and collisions must be avoided.

2.7 Bump passes are not permitted. Bump passes are defined as the trailing car creating contact with the leading car in order to gain the preferred line and emerge in front.

2.8 If you can prevent an incident by steering into the dirt, grass or a wall; you are expected to do so.

2.9 More than one change of direction to defend a position is not permitted. Any driver moving back towards the racing line, having earlier defended his position off-line, should leave at least one car width between his own car and the edge of the track on the approach to the corner.

2.10 As soon as a driver is caught by another driver who is about to lap him, the driver who is about be lapped must allow the lapping driver past at the first available opportunity.  He must do this safely, and with minimal disruption.  He should be predictable, and he shouldn’t brake hard or quickly change his racing line.

2.11 If you have been lapped, you can only attempt to unlap yourself if the lapping car clearly loses pace or makes a mistake which allows you to pass.  However, if the lapping car regains pace and catches back up to you, you must again allow it to pass.

2.12 A driver recovering from an incident must not impede any other car.

2.13 If there is not an opportunity to safely rejoin the track for several seconds, you must wait until it is safe to do so.

2.14 If two or more cars involved in a position battle together leave the track for any reason they must rejoin in the order they left the track and without gaining an advantage.

2.15 If you are involved in an incident and would like it reviewed, you can submit an appeal to the World of Racing in the forum. You will need to show some evidence to support this such as a video or image, or by using the share button on the PS4.




 Disconnection during Qualify


3.1 If someone lost his connection in the qualify then the session will be restarted.

3.2 In cause of a second disconnection, in the restarted Qualify then the session will continue till the end. The results from the second Qualify session will be the order of the start positions.

After the end of the second Qualify session , the HOST will start a new lobby ( only 100 % Race ) and will send new invitation including tot he disconnected drivers.

All Drivers can join the new lobby.

3.3 The starting positions will be based on the results of the second Qualify session.

The HOST will tell the Drivers there starting positions.

3.4 Before the end of the first lap , all drivers must take there starting potion. All Drivers adjust speed so all Drivers can take there postion as fast as possible .

3.5 In the third sector of the first Lap, the leader of the pack controls the speed fort he rolling start.



Disconnection during Race


4.1 In cause of a disconnection in the first six laps then the race will restart

with a rolling start (see  point 2.3 , 2.4 , 2.5 )

4.2 In cause of a second disconnection in the first 3 laps of the restarted race there will be a restart

With a rolling start ( see point 2.3 , 2.4 , 2,5 )

4.3. There will be NO restart after the second disconnection.


We understand the dissopointment of the drivers who inventually can not joint he race duet to connection problems. But at some points , we must take this measure cause finally the race has to be started.